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Monthly Beer Clubs: How To Find The Right One For You

If you are interested in joining a monthly beer club, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. After all, there are a lot of choices out there, so it is hard to know which one is the best for your needs. I’ve been a part of many beer clubs, and I’ve learned what makes some stand out from others. It is important to me that you find a club that you like and that you will enjoy going forward. For instance, if you really like imports, you don’t want to be a part of a club that deals mostly in domestic beers. It just won’t suit your needs.

Taking what I’ve learned in the past few years, I created a few points to consider if you are thinking of becoming a member of a beer club. There are five main criteria to search for; if a club meets these five criteria, chances are that you will enjoy being a member. You will eagerly look forward to your next package because the club is doing a great job of serving your needs. ‘

1. Beer Variety And Selection

Whenever I consider joining a beer club, the first thing I look for is what kind of beer they send out. I also look to see if they have a wide variety to pick from. I don’t want to join a club if I’m only going to get beers that I can pick up at the beer store near my house.

Selection is important to me. I take a look at how many domestics and imports the club has available. I also pay attention to the homemade crafts to see what they offer. I like a lot of drafts, so the kind of beer doesn’t really matter to me. I enjoy porters, stouts, ales and more. I just want to make sure they have a variety of styles, ages, makes, and brands.

There is usually a list of all the various brands as well. One of the first things I do is glance at the list and ensure there are several that I’ve heard of and several that I enjoy drinking. I also want to see quite a few new names on the list, because part of the fun of being in a wine club is the surprise of a new brew!

2. Monthly Selection Process

When you join a beer club, you want there to be a wide variety of beverages. Otherwise, there is really no point in being a member. That begs the question as to how the clubs choose the beers they ship out. That is something important to consider. A club can have a great selection, but if it doesn’t appeal to you, you aren’t going to enjoy it.

It is important to get a handle on how they select the beers that they send to you. The majority of clubs allow you to choose from different options. All it requires is you looking over their list and deciding what you want. I enjoy doing this every once in a while, particularly if I know there is a beer that I like and want.

If you are feeling daring, you can allow the club to choose what beers you get. Usually, the owners select a variety of choices for you. You don’t know what you are going to get, so you may or may not like the beers. However, the surprise is part of the fun, and it is something I look forward to when I join these clubs.

Many clubs feature several beers on a rotating basis. They choose them for different reasons; one may have just come out, while another might be a popular drink for that time of the year. You can opt to have those beers sent to you for any given month. Take a look at the featured options and figure out whether you want them or not.

The most important thing to evaluate is how the club chooses their drinks. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money on beer that you don’t enjoy. Therefore, you need to belong to a club that puts a lot of thought into the process.

3. Beer Community

Most people don’t consider the community aspect of these clubs, particularly because you are simply getting sent an order each month. However, I really enjoy this part of the entire process. Experiences play a huge role in drinking beer, and they are as important as the flavor itself. It’s not a lot of fun to have a great beer when you can’t talk about it to anyone.

Many clubs have forums that you can access so you can talk to other people in the club. It works out well because you can discuss your experience and what you like. The community can help you choose beers that you might enjoy. It sounds a little odd, particularly if you haven’t interacted that way online yet. However, it is a truly essential part of belonging to a club. As you connect and form bonds with other people, you truly become invested in your membership. It is not just about getting a package each month; it becomes much more than that. I’ve enjoyed my “talks” with other members on the Internet, and I think it will be something that you like, too.

4. Shipping And Handling

Shipping costs can add up. In addition, the way the package is put together has a huge impact on how it looks when it gets to your house. After all, these are glass bottles. You generally won’t have a problem with the way that most clubs put together their packages. You shouldn’t have an issue with them arriving at your home in one piece.

Instead, it is the cost of shipping that can really make or break a membership. When you are looking at pricing, make sure to see whether or not the shipping is included in the cost that is listed on the page. If you don’t live in a major city, shipping costs may be astronomical. If you are concerned, start researching the distribution centers of the clubs that you are interested in to see what shipping options work best.

5. Customer Service

Customer service is a crucial part of this process as well. It is a good idea to look for online reviews and testimonials for any club you are considering joining, just to see what people are saying about it.

You never know what can happen. You may get a shipment with several bottles broken in it. When you call the beer club, you want to talk to someone that is friendly, knowledgeable and that can help you. You also don’t want to wait forever to hear back from someone.

The clubs with the best customer service will send out a new package to you right away, and they won’t give you are a hard time about it. That type of customer service just makes your experience with the club so much better overall.…