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Rare Beer Club Review

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club was first established in 1994 and since that time has developed into one of most highly respected beer clubs. When it comes to craft beer, these guys are intensely passionate about finding the best beers in the world and bringing them straight to your door. Microbrewed has a simple statement that says it all: “Expert Selected. Dedication to Quality. Unmatched Variety.” Kris Calef, beer expert, owner, and founder, ensures this.

Microbrewed offers the Rare Beer Club along with 3 other kinds of beer clubs including, The International Beer Club, U.S. and International Variety Beer Club and U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club. With this incredible beer club variety, I have no doubt that you will find the perfect beer club for you.

Michael Jackson originally founded the Rare Beer Club. Mr. Jackson was one of the world’s most famous beer experts in his time. He obviously had very sophisticated taste buds that wouldn’t settle for any mediocre beer. That is why The Rare Beer Club offers the ultimate selection of delicious beers from all over the world. So if you are searching for club that offers very complex craft brews that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise, then this is your club!

So how does the process work? The Rare Beer club provides two rare beer selections that come in 750ml bottles. You are given the option of how many bottles you would like of the two selections: 3 bottles, 2 bottles or 1 bottle. The 3 bottle club means you will receive a total of 6 bottles in two different selections with each shipment. Like other Microbrewed clubs, you can select the number of shipments you want, which month your shipments start and how frequently the shipments are delivered.

Beer Variety

Like with all rare beer clubs, for obvious reasons each month the variety will not be as wide as with a regular craft beer club. However, you still don’t receive the exact same beer selection more than once. There is a limited release for each selection and there is a variety of style, country, and brewery, which helps to ensure you receive an excellent selection of 2 handcrafted brews from the best brewers in the world.

Microbrewed doesn’t place any limitation on the kind of beer they choose and offer almost every kind of beer around, not only mainstream styles. Some of the selections they have offered recently include Russian imperial stouts, various cask-aged ales, farmhouse ales, Belgian abbey ales and barleywines. A majority of beers included in your shipments are going to cork finished as well as brewed to provide you with the option to age it. If there is a certain month’s selection that you fall in love with, there is the option given by Microbrewed to order a case of it at a discounted price.

Beer Selection Process

Their process for choosing their monthly beer selections are head and shoulders over the rest of the clubs. For a beer to end up showing up at your house, it first has to go through a very detailed process. That ensures you will only receive the hardest to find, flavorful and unique beers available. I have heard there are some beers clubs that don’t try out the beers personally before they ship them, and just assume they are going to be good. Microbrewed doesn’t make any assumptions.

They are some regular guys like us who judge and select the beers. Microbrewed’s panel of judges have more than 100 years of experience combined in the craft beer business. These judges have been featured at numerous beer competitions, festivals and beer events, which include the Great American Beer Festival. You are guaranteed to only receive the highest quality rare craft beers from Microbrewed.

Each beer is blindly rated by the panel of judges on the following 8 different categories:

  • Appeal
  • Flavor
  • Character
  • Finish
  • Mouth Feel
  • Balance and Body
  • Aromatic Profile
  • Appearance

If and when a craft brew is approved officially and chosen by their beer experts, it then shows up in a future beer shipment. The judges are even more picky when it comes to choosing beers for their Rare Beer Club so that you the only the most rare, best tasting beers available.


It is always more enjoyable when there is someone to share things with, and that is why an incredible online community was established by Microbrewed. If you are unable to convince your friend to sign up with you for the beer club, then this is a great alternative way of sharing your thoughts on the most recent craft beer selections.

Every shipment from the Rare Beer Club includes a newsletter containing such things as suggested food pairings, brewery history, ingredient profiles and tasting notes. There is even more information on the Microbrewed blog than there is in the newsletter and contains a bunch of interesting articles on upcoming beer events, beer education and much more.

In addition to its blog and newsletters, Microbrewed has a Facebook page as well that enables members to interact with one another and share their views on the most recent selections. That also enables members to socialize with other beer enthusiasts who have the same love for beer that they do! Their Facebook page also helps you to stay up to date on all of the various current events in the world of beer along with funny beer meme posts.

If you are searching for a beer club that comes with an incredible beer lover community, then this is definitely it!


Microbrewed has been shipping beer for more than 20 years, so they know what they are doing. I completely understand if you are somewhat skeptical of beers being shipped from all over the world. However, trust me, those guys really do know what they are doing. Every beer shipment is packed carefully and shipped at the precise right time. They totally understand that the best thing to do is ship certain kinds of beer at specific times of the year in order to make sure you get the best flavor possible.

Customer Service

Something that is critically important to Microbrewed is building trusted relationships with each member, and that is why a 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered. That means they will refund or replace any product that you purchase. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and more than 750,000 customers, what is there for you to worry about with this club?

Join Today!

The Rare Beer Club is the personal favorite club of Kris Calef, and I think it is mine as well! It is the ideal club for anybody searching for the best tasting and most rare beers around. If that is you, then there is no need to wait! It would be difficult to find a better quality selection than this.…